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How To Find Cheap Flights


Traveling by air has always been the fastest means of transportation, and for this reason, it is the most viable but most expensive means of transportation. But how can a traveler determine and find how to get cheap flights?

The search for where to find cheap flights is quite painful since the search seems to be endless because it involves searching through different websites and seeing various fluctuating prices for flight. Despite all of this, it is possible to find out how to get a cheap flight. In order to find cheap flights, things like flexibility, making proper use of search engines and aggregators are very helpful. Doing this searches yourself and booking is much better than allowing someone else to do them for you. Below are some ways on how to find cheap flights and on how to book cheap flights.

1. Search in secret always

Imagine searching for the best way to find a cheap flight and the price popping out seems to be the best. However, as the search continues, the price begins to increase and to try to get back those cheap flight that was seen at the beginning seems to be futile and you start to wonder if you had pressed the wrong button. How can those cheap flights disappear suddenly? It doesn’t mean that a mischievous person is watching the search from the window. Instead, there is a search tracker on the internet known as cookies that track the pursuit that done on the internet. This search tracker bumps the search thread in such a way that it takes a person at the top of the list that is expensive. This action taken by cookies is done to put you in a state of panic so that expensive fares or tickets can book.

It is beautiful to note that you are not left in the dark as regards to this issue. There are ways to combat this problem and achieve the desired aim. When searching the internet on how to get cheap flights, it is nice to make use of incognito windows which is fundamentally the best way to get cheap flights in secret. This window is not difficult to use because it works like the usual internet page. The steps below can help a person that is familiar with incognito windows do their search through incognito.

When making use of Google Chrome or Safari, the use of incognito can do by tapping the command (control Shift N) when using a PC. If searching, complete by utilizing Mozilla Firefox through internet explorer, touch control shift P when making use of a PC. A new browser would open where the search cannot track. If this step is taken, it will cut off the inflation of prices.

If a person is not used to creating shortcuts through the keyboard, he or she should open a web browser and click on the file, new incognito window and the system is ready for use.

2. Make use of the best search engines

When you are in need of how to get the cheapest flights then make use of flight search engine. Some people who are not regular travelers can mention about five or more various comparison websites used for the search for a cheap flight. This list is increasing daily, and this has resulted in the consumption of time and a repetitive process in the course of searching for a cheap flight. It has a sad effect because when trying to search for a cheap air flight, the process becomes dull rather than exciting. Since the search engines cannot make money by providing the user with some cheap links, it becomes difficult finding a search engine that regularly produces the most reasonable deal. For this reason, it is rewarding to make use of a few search engines. Here below is a list of search engines that a person can keep bookmarked whenever he is searching for how to find cheap flights.

Some websites that provide fantastic and great flight deals are Sky scanner, Airfare watchdog, Jetradar, Kiwi, Expedia trip advisor, CheapOair and US search flights.

It is worthy of note that comparison websites are cool, but most budget airlines are not inclusive. If a traveler knows or has in mind any budget airline, it is advisable to check them out also. If you are looking for the cheapest air flights to book, then this is ideal.

3. Search for a budget flight

Bigger airlines are usually expensive than budget airlines. However, if booking a ticket with budget airlines, a traveler should understand that sacrifices would have to make. Such sacrifices include space, free food, drinks, movies, and leg space which mainly are enjoyed and offered by bigger airlines. Although in some budget airlines, legroom sometimes provides, that is not certain, and even if there are, it cannot be free. Getting rid of such luxuries in order to get cheap flights is better. Since budget airlines are not enlisting in comparison search engines, it is better to search for them individually to ascertain the best, and this involves strategies because although budget airlines offer fantastic prices, they can be slippery. For this reason, before paying or giving out a credit card, a traveler should do the following. The fine print should be read before booking the flight. Then destination airport should be checked to ascertain the right one because certain airlines make use of airports that are further to the city of the required destination. Checked luggage it should be booked and paid for. Flight tickets should be kept handy, and as always, budget airlines would require that a traveler check-in online and print out the confirmation or boarding pass but if a traveler turns up with an email, it will attract charges. Therefore it is necessary to read and follow instructions and printing out such instructions is advised. Always remember also that when searching, it should be on booking the cheapest flight and not on the world’s best air flight because it helps the user to be adaptable and understand the conditions of the ticket given. To understand that how to find cheap flights, it is proper to start by searching for low-cost airlines. Since there are dozens of budget airlines, Air Asia, Jetstar, Ryanair and Tiger air are the cheapest budget airlines. They can be followed by on Twitter and Facebook, and since on intervals they offer promotions, it is best to sign up to email notification to see quickly when such developments pop up. The use of Wikipedia helps to give more information on a cheap flight. If you are looking for where to book cheap flights, Skyscanner is ideal.

4. Book for flight yourself

Having wild imagination will boost the search on how to find the cheap flight. To do this, a traveler can go to them and spend a reasonable amount of time there. Flexibility and break up trips is also ideal for searching on how to find cheap flights. For example, making a trip to Vietnam through Bangkok may be less expensive than booking two tickets. One ticket heading for Bangkok and the second ticket heading to Vietnam. It is a nice trick to reduce cost, but it should note that if the trip is going to be a two-fold or a break-up, then two different airlines would be required. Thus it would not be proper to book layovers which may be hours apart from each other, or you would miss the second flight because you would still have to pass through the process of bag checking again. For this purpose, Skyscanner and Kayak are the best. It is necessary to do it yourself because it affords the traveler the opportunity to visit other places and check the prices of flight in those places. This step also allows you to meet with several travel agents that would broaden your knowledge of flight routes. Doing the search and booking yourself is the best way to find cheap flights.

5. Keep a record of the cheapest day to fly

It has always said that the best day to get the cheapest flight is on Tuesday and no particular destination but for all goal. The truth is that it is not true because the various routes have their different prices and this prices vary according to airlines and these prices change all the time. Well, traveling during the midweek is quite cheaper than making air trips during the weekends. However, how can a traveler find the best cheap flight? It would be more stressful going through the search comparison sites often and on to see the cheap flight for your journey. As was emphasized in the preceding steps, Skyscanner is the key. Skyscanner has a tool which is an online app that gives the user quick and updated prices of the cheapest route for one month. So this is awesome because it is much easy to use. Just enter your departure point and the intended arrival point and click on the box where a date would usually appear and select the Whole month and fix in the month if the journey is already known and if the traveler is flexible, it would be nice to choose the cheapest month. If all of this was did, then tap search and watch as the various parts come up. Such a search would display the date of the cheapest flight to move out and the date for the cheapest flight to return. Frankly, the Skyscanner is the best and reliable way to search on how to find cheap flights, and it helps the traveler to choose where and when the next flight would be.

6. Search for the cheapest place

One thing is to ascertain the travel and another is to verify the place to travel. What mainly makes it difficult is the amount of money on hand, and this is a huge hitch because you have the time but may not have the budget. Rather than searching here and there through the internet for a means of getting the right flight for your budget, key into Kayak. With the use of this tool, a traveler can search for cheap flights from anywhere through an exciting and communicative map which displays the most affordable places to travel to. Making use of the websites with the following steps is ideal. On your PC, click on Explore in the part of the departure airport and adjust your budget and time while you watch as the cheap flights pop up. When you ascertain the right flight for your journey, click on it and follow through to book. Well, there are also other websites with this fantastic feature. If using a Skyscanner, type in the place, you are moving out from and in the part of destination, search anywhere and enter the dates and month and search. After doing this, you sit and watch as all the list from very cheap to expensive destinations would be displayed. Look for the affordable country and click on it and enter the less expensive airport.

7. Travel agents

Many people believe that travel agents are all there to dry the pockets take exorbitant prices from travelers, but that is not really true because most travel agents deal with airlines that are very cheap and even cheaper than the ones you would find online. Although, it would be unwise to walk up to any travel agent without doing your research first. If a traveler can have a rough knowledge as regards to easy routes, dates, and destination, it would help him save time, and he would know first-hand the amount of the flight hence making it difficult for the traveler too. These travel agents do not only have better deals but also gives you better protection should in case something goes wrong since you did not do it yourself.

8. No need to wait

If the destination and the time of the journey have ascertained, and the traveler has discovered the cheapest flights, there is no need to wait. Many people are of the opinion that if you wait until the last minute, you will find a cheap flight. Truthfully, it is not true. It is once in a blue moon would such a situation occur. In fact, it has been shown that towards the departure date, flights tend to become expensive as a result of the rush and this is the same for all airlines. If a traveler is not flexible and a cheap air flight has been found, then there is no need to wait till the last minute.

9. Check Foreign Currencies

The primary reason why flights are expensive is the currency and exchange rate. Before booking for air flight, it is essential to check the exchange rate and currency of the country you are heading too. Airlines like budget airlines usually make a traveler to pay in the currency of the place he or she is traveling too. Some airlines also have an exchange currency option. However, when making use of this option would require carefulness. The travel should put his or her device in a VPN setting before doing the transaction. Well booking a flight and paying in a different currency can help a traveler save some cash but this should do with the use of a credit card that has no foreign charges on it.

10. Make use of error fares

A fantastic way that is unknown to most travelers on how to get the cheapest flights is the use of error fares. The error fares are derived when an airline or a third party is advertising and selling fares at the wrong price due to a wrong input of the fare on the system or online. Knowing this information helps you save some cash from a ticket. The use of websites such as Airfare Watchdog and Secret Flight is ideal for every traveler’s dream. When notified about an error fare, it is necessary to act fast rather than waiting because they won’t be for long.

11. Buy tickets in bulk

It always said that you would get a discount on your flight ticket if you purchase in quantity but not when you are purchasing from different airlines. A traveler can only get that discount if he is buying in bulk from the same airline. For instance, purchasing both a flying and return ticket from Pennsylvania to London with the United Airlines will be less expensive than buying two different tickets. A traveler can also make use of this advantage in flights that go to different cities. For instance, if you are to make a trip from New York City to a place like London and from London to Shanghai and back to New York with an airline like Virgin Atlantic. Booking all of these at the same time helps you save more and spend less. To make the booking much easier, Skyscanner is ideal. A beautiful way also in bulk buying tickets for a lesser amount is making use of world tickets issued out by most airline alliances which permits a traveler to move around the world, continent or around a country. To achieve this, the use of Skyscanner helps to run this system. All you need to do is to out in your supposed destination and search for multi-city bookings, and the list pops up. Despite all of this, most budget airlines remain cheaper than other airlines.

12. Make use of local airlines

Emphasis has made on various search engines, but these search engines do not contain domestic or small airlines and especially infamous booked lines or in less developed areas. Well if a traveler is making a trip to such areas, it is proper to make use of the Google search engine and inquire for a local airline heading to that route. It has been noticed that some areas like South America make use of cheap flights that are owned by some organizations like the military and they cannot be found online with the use of search engines. If you discover such airlines, it is better also to check the airline site that may also display beautiful and economical offers which may not see in the regular search engine. For instance, Hawk Air which is a small company gives weekly deals on some days that are cheaper.

For those who may book their flight at the last minute, it is better to search for cheap flights after midnight since airlines would cut down the prices of the air flight that booked by a day. More preferably, it would be better to book for flights earlier in the week. If booking for a cheap flight, Charter airlines may be the best. Such charter airlines include Thomas Cook. Some companies even budget airlines may raise their prices some few weeks to departure time since it believed by those travelers booking for last minute flight do not give attention to budget because of emergency. However, particularly in the UK, some charter airlines like Thomas Cook and Tui is the best for cheap flight during the last minute rush. It is as a result of these airlines building their business structure on more important holidays and so many vacant tickets.

14. Be flexible about when and where you depart and arrive

Under this step, flexibility on when a traveler leaves and come and where he or she departs would be discussed by separately. The prices of flight are significantly affected by how well known the airlines are. Thus being flexible in choosing the dates of the journey and the time is a way of saving a lot of money. Also not traveling during school breaks and holidays helps a traveler save more money and trouble. During the period of the holiday because so many people including students would be flying. Some companies such as East Asian airlines makes good use of local passengers, and for this reason, they set their prices according to the various holidays. In the Asian part of the world, holidays like Easter and Christmas give lower rates. Another airline like Garuda Indonesia also offers low prices during similar holidays like Easter and Christmas. During these holidays, all East Asian companies should be looked out during holidays like Easter and Christmas.

A traveler should also be flexible when it comes to where to depart and arrive. Rather than searching for the cheapest flight in most cases, it would be better to search for the cheapest place of arrival and make the necessary route from there. Taking a flight to areas closer to the appropriate destination helps to cut cost, for instance, taking a flight to a place like New York would be more expensive than to smaller nearby cities. On arrival to such a city, a train or a car can take you to the appropriate destination.

15. Baggage

Although some bigger airlines give the provision of the bag to be free, some do not, so it is vital to check on the airline’s luggage rules before booking for a flight in order to avoid paying an extra amount for luggage. It is good to pack light so that the trouble of checking and picking up various bags would be avoided. It is also advisable for a traveler to review all travel plans before booking for flights because high charges place on changing of flight. Online feed readers also set an extra amount for luggage which can also be cheaper. However, reading the regulations on time would save some money for the traveler.

16. Look out for flash sales

To get a cheap flight in most cases has to do with the proper timing. The cost of tickets usually fluctuates in all routes as a result of Flash sales. An air flight from London heading to Bali can have tickets sold at £500 this week and can be sold for £300 the following week by a particular airline. This drop in the prices of a ticket for a specific flight is because airlines set prices and begin to sell tickets about 9 to 10 months before departure and this helps the airline to forecast the number of tickets that would sale and if the tickets sold is below expectation, they flash sale the tickets. For instance, if after five months, an airline anticipates selling more than 40% of its ticket, but this has not actualized, they have to flash sale the tickets to meet up their expectation for some few days until the required demand has obtained. So searching for flash sale ticket can help a traveler get a cheap flight. Although, this varies in different airlines. For example, during the last Christmas and New Year, Qatar airlines sold tickets from Thailand and Bali for £300, and in some few months’ time, another airline in the same route sold a ticket for £200 in return. When searching for flash sales, it should not be done by in haste. Flash sales should track through Google Flights and book the moment the price drops.

Assumptions that flight search engines offer cheap and best flight prices by connecting a traveler to a travel agent with cheap flight tickets are not always correct. While search engines and aggregators like Skyscanner and Kayak can help link a person to online travel agents that offer cheap flight prices, it is best to book directly with the airline. Booking with standard international carrier and charter airlines would give a person reduced cost if he or she books directly with the airline. The reason why to check for cheap flights personally is that sometimes online travel agents don’t include all their fees in order to attract customers, and if there is a need to cancel or change a flight, it would be appropriate to do so with the airline directly since cancellation charges add when making use of aggregators. However, if sure of the flight date, the traveler can book with an online travel agent and importantly if the travel agents fees are cheap. For instance, when making use of KLM flights, booking with an aggregator gives you about £15 to £20 discount but with a BA, aggregators can provide a discount of about £60 which is better.

Although some airlines include a high surcharge on their one-way tickets which is more often about 80% of the same price as to return. Other airlines like Norwegian gives one-way ticket half the price to a return ticket, and this is also affecting the prices of other airlines. Meaning that when making a trip to the US and you know the exact day and airport to return to, it is better to book a one-way ticket.


There are several ways on how to find cheap flights and how to book cheap flights. Although most people believe that booking air flight at last minute helps a traveler get cheap flights, it is better booking for air flight on time since airlines increase the prices of their tickets if they have sold enough tickets. However, if as a result of certain situations, a traveler would have to book for a flight at last minute then the best time to search would be at midnight when airlines must have reduced the prices of tickets that not booked at the daytime. Being flexible as regards to where and when to arrive and depart would help save cost. If flying to a particular city would be expensive then a traveler can travel to a nearby city that is less expensive and go to his desired destination as either a train or a car. Making use of useful search engines such as Skyscanner can help in finding a cheap flight. Aga aggregators are also helpful since they will show you all the various airlines and their prices. Travel agents that are reliable can be a source of help as to this regard but rather than depending entirely on online travel agents; it is better to do the searching and booking yourself.