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Best Tips For Traveling With a Baby


Traveling with a baby is not always easy. While you still want to get out and enjoy the world you need to take care of that little one with you. You are going to have to pack extra items and make sure the baby has everything that they need. These are some tips to help you when you are traveling with a baby.

1. Keep Snack Close By

When traveling with a baby or toddler it is important to always have access to foods and drinks. A bottle or sippy cup should be in a place that is easy to access. Some small snacks can also be used. Apple sauce even comes in a pouch which makes it easy to give to a little one.

2. Bring Additional Clothing and Diapers

Nature cans and a baby cannot help when it when they need to relieve themselves. Sitting in a soiled diaper and wet clothing will make the baby unhappy and cranky. It is important to keep extra clothing and a diaper handy. It may be a good idea to bring an extra shirt if the baby were to get cold. This should be something else to remove in case the baby gets hot again.

3. Bring Favorites

If a baby has a favorite toy, blanket, or similar item it should be packed along. This will allow the baby to get comfortable and get a feeling of home. This item can also help you when you are trying to put the baby down for a nap or the night.

4. Unpack

Once you have reached your hotel room or other destination it is important to give the baby a feeling of home. You should unpack the baby items including the place where they are going to sleep once you have arrived. This will allow the baby to rest with familiar items.

5. Be Aware of Sleep Times

While it may not always be possible try to schedule the majority of the traveling around the time that your child sleeps. Babies often go to sleep when they are in the car so you may want to keep this in mind if you are traveling by car. If you are traveling by plane this may be a little more difficult but it will lead to a peaceful tip.

6. Be Next to the Baby

You are the most comforting thing to the baby. For their comfort or safety always sit close to them. If traveling by car one parent needs to drive and the other to sit next to the baby. This will bring a feeling of safety and security to the little one.

7. Be Entertaining

Babies respond well to singing and rhymes. Try to play games when traveling. If you keep them interested in what you are doing you are reducing the chance the child has of getting bored and cranky. You should also have an app on your smartphone or other devices with soothing music to play if the baby begins to stir and become cranky.

8. Early Dinner

While you may not be thinking about rushing things and taking your time when traveling you need to be aware of the time. If you are eating out it is better to go around 5 pm then 7 pm. The restaurant will be less crowded and will allow you more room for a stroller. There will also be a shorter wait time so your baby will be more comfortable.

9. Make a Kitchen

If your hotel room does not have a kitchen you should find a place where you can wash bottles, baby dishes, and put all of their foods and snacks. You may need to do this near the bathroom sinks if it is the only sink around. Doing so will make things easier in the long run.

10. Take a Walk

Walk when possible and put the baby in the stroller. You can have some great day trips and see the sights while the baby takes a nap. You may want to bring an umbrella stroller since they are smaller and lighter for travel.

11. Front Carrier

Instead of holding your baby the entire trip packs a front carrier with you. Even if you have not used this before the trip it will allow the baby to be close to you. The carrier will also free up your hands.

12. Continue Bedtime Routines

If you bath the baby before bed or sing to the baby you will want to do the same thing while on vacation. This will help the baby keep with the routine and will allow you to get some sleep as well.

13. Formula

If you feel your baby using the formula the last thing you want to do is run out. To save some space put the powdered formula into zip lock bags. This will allow more room when packing and will allow a lighter load. Always pack more formula then you think you will need so the baby will go hungry.

14. Nursing

A hungry baby needs to eat. The baby should be nursed anywhere that you feel comfortable. You can get a cover-up if you want some privacy. Do not allow your baby to be hungry because you are worried about nursing.

15. Break Some Rules

If you have a toddler you may allow things that you would not allow at home. You may want to give them additional screen time with a portable DVD player. You may also want to allow them to have a treat. While this may not be allowed normally you will be able to enjoy your vacation and the little one will be happy too.


These are some tips that will help you travel with your baby and have an enjoyable trip. It is important to make the baby as comfortable as possible and allow the baby to be surrounded by familiar items. A happy baby makes a happy trip.

Remember to follow these tips the next time you are going on a trip with your baby. These tips will help make the trip smooth and will help keep the baby happy so you can enjoy yourself.